The aim of the Black Jack game is to get or approach 21 points, without going over, if possible with two cards.
To play the Black Jack 6 cards are used, three of one color and three of another, of 52 cards each.

The value of each card is as follows:

Figures: 10 points.
As: a point or 11 points, according to the player’s criteria.
The rest of the cards retain their nominal value.

Up to seven people can sit on each table. With the consent of the latter, other players may be placed behind, who are only allowed to bet on the plays of those who are sitting without making decisions regarding them.
If you are only at a table, you must bet at least two boxes.

To bet on the Black Jack chips are used, never cash and no bets are allowed. You can make money exchanges for each table at each table before the moves begin. A sign will indicate the minimum and maximum bets on each table.

The Croupier will shuffle the cards and, after the cut of one of the players, will deposit them in the sabot, from where he will take them out one by one.
Once the bets have been placed in the rectangular space of the mat reserved for the chips, the Croupier will distribute a discovered card to each player, starting with his left and ending with himself.
Next, he will distribute in the same order a second discovered letter, except for him. Each player will then decide according to his points if he wants more cards or is planted. If after requesting new cards a player exceeds 21 points, he loses and the Croupier immediately withdraws the amount played and his cards.

When the players have made their game, the Croupier does according to the following rules:
– Cards must be given until reaching, at least, the 17 points having to be planted when they reach them.
– Will count the As as 11 if with that value it reaches 17 points or more. If it exceeds 21, it will count as a point.

Payment of bets:

The player or players who exceed points in Croupier will win – provided they do not exceed 21 – paying at par, ie the same amount played. If the player made Black Jack: 21 points with the first two cards. (As + Figure or ten) will be paid 3 to 2 the amount played. The Black Jack will always win the score of 21 obtained with more than two cards.
If you tie with the Croupier, the play will be void, and you can then modify your bet or withdraw the amount played.


When the first card of the Croupier is an Ace, players can be assured against the possible Black Jack. Before distributing the third card to the first player who requests it, the Croupier will propose the insurance. The player will place on the insurance line, in front of him, an amount at most equal to half the amount he had played. If the Croupier obtains a Black Jack, he will collect the plays that are lost and he will pay the insurance 2 to 1. If he does not remove it, he will collect the insurance and will continue the game according to the rules previously exposed.


If you receive the first two cards of the same value, you can play with each of them independently, having to make a bet equal to the initial one. If he receives two aces, he can only ask for one more card; if it were a ten or a figure, the figure of 21 would not be considered Black Jack.

When the player gets 9, 10 or 11 points with the first two cards, he can double the bet with the right to only one more card.

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