The bank is rotating, starting with the first player to the right of the Croupier.
The rest of the players, seated or standing, can associate with the bank -if it accepts- without being able to intervene in the play, participating only in the gains or losses.
Once the cards are mixed and introduced into the sabot, the banker will deal the two first cards covered alternately with the “point” and the “bank”. Depending on your score, you must stick to the game board. If any of them is 8 or 9, the play will be over. The player facing the bank may request a third card, this time discovered, saying “letter” or considered serving by saying “no”


The Baccara is a circle game in which several players face each other, being able to bet all the players who are seated and those who are standing behind them against the one who has the bench. To start the game, there must be at least four seated players. The leader of the game has a waiting list.

The table where the games are played is oval and has a slit in one of its sides where the Croupier will be placed. The mat presents different numbered spaces in front of which the players sit. In the center of the board there is a slot called a basket where the Croupier enters the cards once used. On each side of it, there are two others: one for deductions from the Casino (5% of bank profits) and one for tips.

The objective of the game is to take 9 points or approach them as much as possible following the indications of the Table of game at the time of planting, asking for a card or to shoot down. In case of a tie, the play is null. Six French decks of 52 cards are used – three of one color and three of another – without indexes. Once mixed and cut, they are introduced into the sabot. From there, the player who has the bank will take them out one by one at the time of distributing them.


The tens and figures do not have any value. The rest of the cards retain their nominal value. In the sum of the values ??of the cards, the tens are disregarded, taking into account only the units. For example, a player with two cards, five and seven – whose sum is twelve – the value with which he participates in the Baccara game is two.

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